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Her Mission is to make a day at a time.

Today Marti sings mainly for Charity, charities and cheritable organizations, performing in Nursing Homes, Senior Citizen Halls, Hospitals, Hospice Centers and occasionally in Night Clubs, Hotel Lounges, Restaurants and outdoor events, such as, State Fairs, Picnics, Boardwalk events as well as providing entertainment for civic functions. Always she is the consummate professional, treating the lowliest nursing Home with the same dignity and respect as the biggest, swankiest Gambling Casino in Atlantic City or Foxwood, that is, giving a full blown, full dress performance wherever she sings.

When singing for the elderly, the sick and/or the injured, however, Marti never asks payment for her services. Her company is nonprofit. Nevertheless, because 99% of her work is done for charity these days and because she is the sole financial provider for her charity operation, she does required a small donation from these Nursing Homes and the like, due to unavoidable expenses, such as upkeep of the equipment, purchase of new music and instruments, buying and cleaning of her costumes, gas and overhead for her transportation to get to and from your places where she is to perform, and paying the help needed (at times) getting her equipment out of her car, inside your buildings and set up for the occasion. The amount you chose to donate of course is up to you. (I suggest $100/$150 is not too much to ask for a wonderful afternoon of great entertainment--don't you agree?)

Enormously ebullient and exceptionally talented, her energery is second only to her graciousness. This is the talented female who sings a thousand songs. At each and every performance, she will give you thirty to forty riveting renditions, from the forties to the nineties, without once referring to prompters or notes. She will dedicate songs to you, your patients or anyone in the audience with a memory to relive, take requests, walk around and shake hands with as many of those in attendance as she can reach...she has been known to go to the rooms of individual, bed ridden patients to sing so that she/he may partake of the festivities. She never complains about how big or small the audience is; Marti gives the same performance regardless. Marti is a special entertainer and you'll be delighted to have her performed in your establishment.

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