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Our mission is to make life a little more pleasurable for those who believe in what we are doing and in themselves, and a little more tolerable for those who don't--especially the needy! Our vision is to provide good entertainment and to create smiles of enjoyment on the faces of as many senior citizens, nursing home residents, etc. as we can reach.

We here at Marti Sings have dedicated our lives to providing the best entertainment that money can't buy. We remain committed to the kind of music that we know everyone of you deserve, along with an unyielding desire to perform at our peek for as many of you as humanly possible. In today's World of ever-increasing conflict around the globe, and in the aftermath of September 11, we believe that more and more people are in need of a temporary escape from the reality of the everyday breaking news events. We believe that our work will be needed more and more in the years to come to help ease some of the pain, suffering and boredom that our institutions cannot, and it is our aim to render it so.

We Remain irrevocably committed to love, care and charity.

We hope it is enough our World

We pray for the strength to continue our work

And we give thanks to God for our health and energy which allows us to continue our work.

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