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Marti Sings is a growing, nonprofit concern that cares about its customers, clients and employees. We have been operating in our present mode since 1995. Want to find out more? Youíre in the right place -- and if you donít find what youíre looking for here, donít hesitate to contact customer service.

Mission Statement

Great service every day, low cost in every way without fear of tomorrow! Click here for Mission Statement

Store Information

We ship straight from the factory. Our shirts (Marti T-Shirts,etc.) are made by some of the leading manufacturers of fine Clothing in the country, some of whom have been in business for more than fifty years. We have a unique arrangement with these companies. It is this special arrangement that enables us to maintain such fine quality of shirts for the low cost our customers enjoy.

Job Listings

Whether youíre looking for a career in singing and entertainment, a position with our merchandising company or simply to explore our volunteer work opportunities, youíll find our staff ready listeners.

Investor and Media Information.

At this time we are not contemplating move that would call for investors. If we decide to open our company to private investors or the public, we will announce it on our web site.

Learn more about our company.

Look up Projections. Our Annual Report is publish in March of each year.

Apply for Credit

Get the power to order our shirts in bulk. Apply on line for credit that exceeds $2,000.00. Credit is reserved for large orders, usually excess of $10,000.00. Nevertheless, credit is still looked at on an order to order basis.

Catalog Request

Peruse the web site catalog. Need a paper copy of our catalog? We are in the process of completing our winter catalogs at this moment. It will be published in September, 2001.

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