I have an original, authentic copy of an Elvis Presley album from 1971. Both the record and the cover are the original, the record in excellent shape and the cover in good condition. The pictures of the cover, front and back,are shown here. As you can see, Mr. Presley as an adult performing is on the front of the cover, and Elvis as an two year old child graces the back of the cover, with the boy and his parent in a portrait hanging on the wall near by. This Item is worth its weight in gold, but the bidding started at twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000.00). Go to Ebay and add your bid!


There are many who believe that the "King" is still here among us, roaming the earth looking for a suitable place to put down. Some believe he is much like the messiah--that is, one day will rise again. They have him in their hopes and dreams and ask for him in their prayers. There have been a multitude of sightings of King Elvis since his death, especially near and around Graceland. I often see apparitions my self, and then I know the "King" lives! That is why I have decided that it is time to let someone else enjoy this album the way I've enjoyed it these many years.
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This is the boy Elvis at the tender age of two years. He graces the back cover of the album "Elvis Country," produced back in the 60's, one of the last albums the "King of rock" ever released, and many think one of his best.

As an added bonus, this cover contains a picture of the unassuming parent who produced this extraordinary manchild, and offered him up as the greatest Rock singer ever. This picture is also on the back cover of the album, in a portrait on the wall behind the youthful face of the boy Elvis. If you've ever wondered--as have I--who could these people be to have possibly brought fourth into this world such a gem of a singing specimen...well, here they are!




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Marti has been a big fan of his since he first burst on the scene with that blockbuster hit, "Heartbreak Hotel." She sings at least two of his songs in everyone of her shows. "Suspicious Minds" is her favorite. One of her fundest dreams in life was to start a Elvis Presley fan club. She was young when he left us and was still in her full bloom of youth, so she never really had a chance to. She never really had an opportunity to even meet him. Today she is parting with the last collection piece of memory she accumulated over the past forty years.

This is Elvis! In the cranium of his career, he had no equal. He was the standard by which all others were measured, and the Daddy of Rock N Roll. Even as he passed on into his glory, he remained the beacon to help guide others toward their dreams. No future star will ever shine so bright. He left us too soon!



Marti's Picture Album

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